Bohemia Berserka Bermuda gift

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As the title suggests - this is more like a real gift in that the purchaser has already chosen a product for there recipient however should the recipient prefers something else they are welcome to select something else of their own choosing , but limited in terms of cost applied to original gift chosen by their sender also.

The beauty of all our gifts is the ability to also decide any at all and can redeem the value of the gift bought for them directly into any nominated account. This is a great gift as it's both personal and pleasantly practical, even life saving on ocassiom for those who find ourselves in a spot for over spending during silly season.


This group may opt to hey can opt to not buy anything, but can redeem the vfunds generally within or in 3 business days..

Even if you don't go for it your friends may be interesting or curious to view what their mate thinks they should choose and rock wro that's